The stunning Sandakphu


Sandakphu (also known as sadakpur) can be described as the top notable symbol in the Singalila edge at a height of 11,950 feet. It is located within the Singalila public park located in West Bengal near the Indo-Nepal border. Sandakphu is the most famous trek in our country, offering amazing views of the four highest mountains in the world. Sandakphu is the highest mountain in both the provinces in West-Bengal as well as Mechi within Nepal.

If you stand on the top of sandakphu to the left you’ll be able to observe that you are in the Everest group. You will be able to see Lhotse and Makalu which are the fifth and fourth highest peaks on the planet, trying to climb higher than the world’s highest peak. There is also a view of the majestic Everest which is in full splendor. To your right, you can look out over the third most notable summit, Kanchenjunga, remaining alongside the pinnacles of its group. The pinnacles in this group are commonly referred to as its “sleeping Buddha”.

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Places to visit in Sandakphu


Tonglu is among the highest peaks of the Singalila Ridge. A small settlement is also used as a place to rest for tourists. The stunning view of sparkling Tonglu Lake with clear waters will leave you stunned. The area is beautiful with pine and oak trees surrounding the lake. From this point, you can enjoy the view of the snow-covered pinnacles of singalila along with the Kanchenjunga range. The breathtaking view will reenergize your tired sense. It’s an amazing sitting spot where you can relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.


It is a small town located in Nepal. Tumling is situated near sandakphu which is many miles from the singalila public park. Take note of the blog. It opens a wonderful way to explore the community of Nepal. The journey towards tumble is comprised of bright vegetation, as well as light and heavy areas of earthy and green shades.


Bikeybhanja is the final point that you should traverse before arriving in the beautiful city of sandakphu. The bikeybhanjan trail is difficult to traverse and has steep slopes and a rugged landscape. It’s a daunting task to accomplish. It is a journey that is characterized by lush and vibrant greenery and breathtaking views of the tops of mountains that will be with you throughout this challenging trip.


Manebhanjan is a quiet community located near Darjeeling. It is located on the border with India as well as Nepal. It is surrounded by wilderness and mountains and is a beautiful spot with stunning views. There are a lot of homes and journeying shops as well as a surprising amount of unique one-of-a-kind Land Rovers. This is the point where the amazing sandakphu adventure begins.


Phalut is a truly captivating spot. It is the second most prestigious peak in the west Bengal region. It is located near the west Bengal, Sikkim, and Nepal lines. Phalut is located within Singalila Park which is a public one. It is home to an ethnic group of people called Galatians who revere the tops of the trees as a divine being and refer to it by calling it “Omna Re Ay”. The path is decorated by rhododendrons that are sprouting. You might also walk through a tiny defense for the Indian Armed Force.

Best Time To Visit Sandakphu

Sandakphu is a year-round goal. On the possibility that you aren’t expecting your travel trails to be covered in snow, then the ideal time to start your journey to Sandakphu is between March and June and from October to November. At this time the climate conditions are favorable and the weather is clear, which allows travelers to travel safely.

Journeying To Sandakphu

It is a fact that your journey to Darjeeling is a bit shattered when you’ve not experienced the excitement of traveling to the highest point within the region in West Bengal. Let us inform you that the trekking trails that lead to Sandakphu are undoubtedly thrilling and full of excitement.

When you arrive at Darjeeling or Siliguri If you are in Siliguri or Darjeeling, arrange a taxi ride to Manebhanjan where your journey begins. From Manebhanjan you will need to travel a distance of about 2.5 kilometers when your first stop is Meghma. From Meghma you must travel to Gairibas located just approximately 3 kilometers. It is also possible to choose to take the optional route starting from Meghma via Tonglu. Once you’ve arrived at Gairibas and you’re ready to relax, take the time off for a while and then head for Sandakphu which is situated a few kilometers away from around 4 kilometers.

At the highest point on this mountain, you could take a moment to take in the breathtaking views of Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga which appear strange in their amazing presence in fogs, mists, and snow.

Why It Should Be On Your Bucket List

If you enjoy traveling, without a doubt, Sandakphu ought to be one of your things to do. In addition to taking part in its thrilling and exhilarating trails that take you through lush vegetation and challenging levels, You can also revel in its beauty at the top, surrounded by the dense fogs.

Singalila National Park is one other popular tourist destination near Sandakphu. In this park, you will find several interesting and endangered species of animals and plants.

Instructions to Reach Sandakphu

It is possible to travel to Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri and then from there you will be able to go to the base of Sandakphu the place you’d like to start your journey until the conclusion. Siliguri is also connected by road and rail to the local villages and cities. When you arrive at Siliguri it is possible to hire a taxi for the bottom of Sandakphu and then from that point you will be able to begin your trek towards the highest peak located in West Bengal.

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