The benefits of water exercise with lifeguard training

Water, with its special characteristics, offers the possibility to the athlete himself, depending on the intensity that he can and does apply to the movement, to bring the program to his own pace. This is an incredible environment that completely changes the rules of the game of the sport and perfectly complements floor gymnastics. In the aquatic environment there are many forces that influence the execution of movement. There are some key advantages that we can focus with lifeguard training.

There are the properties of water that benefit us anyway, simply by entering the water, but there are also the individual benefits, which arise from our own choice and exercise! Let’s look at some of them:


The third element is water resistance . Water offers constant resistance in any range of motion we do. We can explore a whole different space of how our body can move with lifeguard training.

When we get in the pool

This constant resistance allows us to work out multi-layered and in all those ways that are harder on the ground. Flexibility in water is increased, so exercises are performed in a greater range of motion and muscles are worked at different angles that are otherwise difficult. So due to the resistance that the water exerts on our body and by extension on our movements, we have more time to perform an exercise, so we do it more correctly, with the ultimate result and benefit of not having the possibility of muscle injury!

It has even been observed that the benefits of exercise

When it is done in warm water, are much greater than in cold water. This is because water at this temperature enhances the dilation of blood vessels and thus improves blood flow. This means that the blood pressure is reduced, so the risk of heart attack and stroke is also removed with lifeguard training.

People who exercise in hot water experience a significant reduction in blood pressure

According to a new study

Researchers from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil have found that the benefits of exercise when done in water are much greater and even enough to lower blood pressure even in people who don’t improve with medication.

As the scientists explain in their report

This method is called warm aerobics and takes place when the water is at 32 degrees. According to the scientific report, which is published in the International Journal of Cardiology, the temperature of the water plays an important role, as previous studies have shown that the results are not as good when the exercise is done in water that is at 27 degrees with lifeguard training.

The study involved patients who had high blood pressure

Which for five years had not seen any reduction, despite the medication that had been followed.

According to the scientists, 150 minutes of exercise per week is enough to provide good results.

In particular, exercising in hot water offers the following benefits in total:

  • It prevents blood pressure and lowers it.
  • It enhances the expansion of blood vessels and thus improves blood flow.
  • Improves flexibility of joints.
  • Increases muscle strength and endurance.
  • Reduces muscle spasm.
  • It reduces the feeling of pain.
  • It increases the metabolic rate, i.e. the percentage of blood returning to the heart and lung function.
  • Increases blood flow to the muscles.
  • Increases muscle metabolism.
  • Surface circulation increases.
  • Heart rate increases.

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