Summer Specials! Carefully select 10 good home items, discounts are beautiful and high-value

Today, I have selected 10 low-discount high-value home furnishings for you, get it! Never Miss to use AO Discount Code

Summer special category 1: sofa table and chair

01 OMTNKSAM table in anthracite black

Recommended reason:

What is special about this table is that it was designed with advice from ergonomists and physiotherapists in the medical care industry, so its safety and comfort are very good. 

The material of the table surface is matte, which does not irritate the eyes, and the edges are smooth and comfortable to the touch. There is no bottom frame under the table, and there is enough space below to extend the legs at will. 

If there is not much space at home, it is very suitable for the elderly and children to start with this table. Now the price has been reduced, and the price is also very favorable.

02 STRANDMON Backrest dark brown

Recommended reason:

IKEA’s classic armchair, the navy blue cushion cover is calm and atmospheric, the entire cushion cover is made of 100% cotton, the hidden patterns are very delicate, and the sitting comfort is very good.

Taking advantage of the current discounts, it is also very comfortable to put an armchair in the living room at home and sit on it to chat and drink tea with the family.

Summer Special Category 2: Storage Storage

03 MALSJ Mach black dinner table

Recommended reason:

This side table is 700 yuan straight down, and the discount is quite big.

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The upper two drawers have a lattice drawer, which can classify and store pens, tableware and other items.

04 SVASP Storage Box

Recommended reason:

If you want to store large items, remove the partitions.

Taking advantage of the discount, you can consider preparing a few of this storage box at home, which is convenient and easy to use.

Summer Special Category 3: Bedroom Furniture

05 PAX white wardrobe

Recommended reason:

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06 NORDLI Anthracite chest of drawers with 12 drawers

Recommended reason:

This is a modern chest of drawers with a clean shape that easily pairs with other furniture.

Summer Special Category 4: Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies

07 RNNSKR Loncar shelving unit

Recommended reason:

A low shelf in the bathroom is ideal for storing towels, perfume and other shower supplies.

The partition is movable and easy to clean. The white appearance is compatible with various home styles.

08 VARIERA Bamboo cutlery plate

Recommended reason:

Too many knives, forks, chopsticks and tableware at home, it is difficult to classify? Consider placing a tray box in the drawer of the cabinet.

Made of bamboo, this one is full of natural warmth; the partitions in the lunch box can be classified according to the different lengths of the knife, fork and chopsticks, which is convenient for quick access.

Summer special category five: lighting decorations

09 STORMVIND three-leaf ceiling fan lamp

Recommended reason:

Install a fan light in the dining room at home, and the meal becomes very cool and comfortable.

This event directly reduces the price by 300 yuan, and the discount is quite a lot!

10 Angel Chandelier

Recommended reason:

The chandelier composed of 8 fabric lampshades is elegant and romantic.

The rope of the lamp can also be adjusted to move up and down, and the height of the chandelier can be adjusted according to the floor height of the home.

Whether it is placed in the living room or dining room, this lamp brings an elegant and high-end feeling.

Every IKEA special event will launch a lot of surprises and good things. If you want to buy good things for your home in the near future, you can go shopping! Welcome to leave a message to share what special offers you have seen, after all, there are still many good things that have not been discovered yet!

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