How To Check Train PNR Status On WhatsApp?

Indian railways are taking numerous precautions and working to maintain social distance in order to avoid becoming infected as more and more people have begun traveling by the train. Additionally, you can monitor the status of the train using WhatsApp, a messaging service owned by Facebook, if you’re taking a train and don’t want to risk contracting COVID-19 while waiting at the platform. You can check out Train PNR Status from whatsapp. So that you can come to know when your train is reaching the platform.

Additionally, you can keep yourself informed on the status of live trains, PNRs, prior railroad stations, upcoming stations, and more. It will do away with the requirement for passengers to download arbitrary third-party apps to their smartphones. To get real-time train operating information. While calling is a tedious job that is subject to human mistake, downloading a third-party programme from an arbitrary developer is risky. But zoop, which is an official app partner with irctc. Zoop can help you provide the right information.

Check Live Train Running Status and PNR status on WhatsApp:

With Indian Railways using ZoopIndia now check your Live Train Running Status and PNR status on WhatsApp. You just have to follow below simple steps to Check PNR Status.

Step 1: Save Zoop whatsapp (+91 70420 62070) train inquiry number to your phone. Open WhatsApp and enter the contact’s chat window for the Zoop  rail inquiry number that you previously saved.

Step 2: Text your 10-digit PNR number to the contact. After that, Zoop will begin tracking the train to which the PNR number corresponds automatically.

Step 3: From this point forward, it will continue to send you multiple texts on WhatsApp with the train’s current condition.

You are also able to order food with this service as well. As it has many good restaurants under it. Moreover you can also get your favorite food delivered on time that too on your seat. So use this zoop whatsapp service.

Order Food For The Railroad Online Right Now Using WhatsApp:

Passengers must enter their PNR number in order to place an Online Railway Food Order at some eateries at the proposed train stations. In the event of a problem, customers can also write a letter of criticism and contact the support team.

Zoop, a food delivery service run by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), has partnered with Jio Hapik to provide clients with more practical food delivery options aboard trains. With the use of a WhatsApp chatbot service, travelers of Indian Railways can now order meals while traveling and have it delivered directly to their seats using their PNR number.

Customers can use the service to have their meal delivered at any station that is on their route without even downloading the Zoop app, as long as they are aware of it. You do not need to download any apps, yes. All you have to do is message the Zoop-provided WhatsApp number.

How To Use Zoop Whatsapp To Place A Food Order:

Zoop not only allows you to check Train PNR Status from whatsapp but also allows you to order food.

To purchase food, travelers must send a text message to the Zoop WhatsApp chatbot at +91 7042062070 using their individual WhatsApp number.

After saving the number, you can also communicate with the bot to use the various services that are provided there.

The chatbot will then ask for the details required to complete placing your train-related online food order.

After that, the Zoop chatbot will assist you in selecting a restaurant and placing your order.

The capability of the Zoop Food Delivery App supports online payments through UPI, netbanking, and other services. Because organizations can’t yet utilize WhatsApp Payments, the payment interface isn’t a part of the WhatsApp ecosystem.

As a result, UPI and net banking are two ways for travelers to make digital payments.

Once the transaction is complete, you can track your food in the chat box, and it should be there when your train pulls into the next station.

Benefits Of This Service By Zoop Whatsapp Boat:

It’s no longer necessary to wait for servers to arrive and accept your meal order. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. (IRCTC) has updated its website so that travellers on the Indian Railways can now place online meal orders over WhatsApp.

To use Zoop, the food delivery service, passengers simply need their PNR number. With Jio Haptik’s support, the app enables users to quickly and easily place food orders using their WhatsApp chatbot.

You can use WhatsApp to check train pnr status as well as to acquire more information.

WhatsApp chat will provide access to all information. Zoop makes it easy to order meals in trains and keep tabs on food prices.

Additionally, users can check PNR Status, coach positions, LIVE Train operating status, train timetable, and the platform at the train station where the train is arriving or departing.

All of these can be verified using simply a few easy steps. Passengers can use this to help them arrive at the train station on schedule.

Additionally, you should be aware of the proper seat and coach beforehand.

One of the best services offered by the Zoop app is this one.

So you can now enjoy your train ride much easier than before. All this is because of zoop.

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