Best Facebook Pages: How Nikon obtains 1,400 recent fanatics daily

This article is part of an ongoing series(BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK) written by Ravi Shukle, examining the top-performing Facebook Pages. This series will give real-world best practices to help you improve how you use Facebook’s social media to create content.

We all love sharing pictures on Facebook with families and friends, whether from our birthdays, outings, days outs, and even food or our pets. However, is there a way to get people to share the same photos with our brand or business?

Glad you asked!nikon_pages_on_the_pulse_ravi_shukle_user_generated_content_facebook_tips

The short answer is yes! To achieve this, your business needs to focus on the following essential words: “User Generated Content,” commonly referred to in the form of (UGC).

UGC can also be described as follows “A term that describes any content such as blogs, video or discussion forums and audio files, and various other types of media produced by end-users or consumers of an online service or service accessible to other consumers and end-users. The term “user-generated content” is also used to refer to consumer-generated media (CGM).”

Requesting user-generated content is the best method of getting your followers involved and provides the content you need for your Facebook page. Click to Tweet

Requesting user-generated content

We now know what content is created by users and what it is. This post will discuss what it takes for Nikon to get its followers to create content for its Facebook page by making innovative use of Facebook contests for photos and becoming one of the top Facebook pages. I will also demonstrate how to apply specific methods to convince your customers to produce content for your company.

What’s more, they are all methods you can try out in your company right now!

What are their specialties?

Nikon is working in the photography field, focusing on their passion for photography and Nikon. Nikon brand.

When was the page made?

This Facebook Page was set up in December 2007.

How many fans do they have?

At present, Facebook has 2,259,461 followers.

What number of new followers are they receiving each day?

Looking through the Competitor Analysis tool, we can observe that Nikon receives 1 347 fans per day on average.

What frequency do they blog?

Nikon usually only publishes once per day.

The percentage of fans who are engaged

Nikon has 9,820 interactions on the site, with over 400 users engaged in each post.

Four reasons to believe Nikon is seeing positive results from User Generated Content

1.) Development of a dedicated Facebook app for fans, “My Nikon World.”

Nikon recognizes that their customers are enthusiastic about sharing their experiences through their photos regardless of whether they are professional photographers or those trying out a camera for the first time. To meet this demand and showcase their fans by introducing”My Nikon World,” a “My Nikon World” Facebook app. It is a hub of content created to store all the content created by users.

My Nikon World Facebook app user produced content, including Ravi shkle

Now that they’ve got the application, how do they convince their users to share their content?

The gallery was not enough for the gallery to suffice. Nikon still required a way to get people to visit the application to encourage submissions from users. This is the way they accomplished it.

Step 1 Created a Facebook application and customized thumbnail to draw in fans who went directly to the page

NIkon_World_Facebook_App_Ravi_ShukleStep 2: Created a separate gallery within the app where fans can submit their favorite photos taken with their Nikon Camera


Step 3: Now is the fun step. Nikon has made it easy to share these photos with acquaintances on Facebook if people like the photos they view. All they need is to click on the “Share” icon in the top right corner. This will create the Facebook share box so that they can share with their friends the images they’ve observed.


Fourth step: To bring more people to the app, Nikon regularly create Facebook updates that encourage their followers to share their work. They are typically themed to increase participation. This example shows how Nikon employed this strategy to encourage submissions for Valentine’s Day.

Facebook fan participation via update

2.) Fans who feature on their cover pictures

The most significant element of space that you can get to use on Facebook can be your cover picture. Utilize this image to highlight your company’s capabilities. Offer. Click Here To Tweet

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The cover image could be the perfect way to get your customers to move, but it doesn’t need to be something your company sells. It could be an offer for a free EBook or an offer to your email list or explain what your company does. Another excellent way your business could also benefit from its Facebook cover photo is to highlight its employees, customers, or fans.

Here’s the way Nikon has utilized this idea to highlight their followers.

Facebook Cover Competition

3) Making challenges for fans to participate

Another intelligent way Nikon promotes user-generated content through their page on Facebook is using social currency.

What is Social Currency?

In this instance, Nikon pays their customers badges and points to participate in competitions.

An excellent way to promote content created by users on your website is to acknowledge and reward fans who make contributions – Click To Tweet.

Reward your fans that your company has to offer your followers cash rewards each time you reward them, but it could also be recognizing their posts and highlighting them on your page. This is an excellent method to motivate fans to share their pictures with others similar to them.

Nikon has done this with their Challenges app that rewards enthusiastic photographers who took part by awarding points. The competitive element of using points is a fantastic method to motivate users to return and compete with peers and fellow photographers.


4.) Photo contests reward the top photos with prizes

One of the most effective methods to get users to publish their work is hosting a Facebook competition. Click to Tweet

Facebook competitions

One of the main reasons why a Facebook competition successfully promotes user-generated content is because it allows the user to win an award, which increases the desire to participate. There are two primary methods for your company to create a Facebook competition: through a Timeline contest or an application for a Facebook contest application.

In addition to being an event on Facebook is a fantastic way to gain access to user-generated content, but it provides these advantages:


A fantastic way to create your community


Incentivizes people to participate and be a part of your brand


Get people talking about your company.

Here’s how Nikon has utilized to run a Facebook contest to encourage their followers to post their most popular photos that illustrate any of the four subjects they selected.


How do they stack up against competitors?

If we analyze an organization’s performance on a page on Facebook, It is always fascinating to examine it with competitors in the market. We picked three brands with camera brands:

canon France — – 276k fans

Samsung camera — – 61k fans

Olympus camera — — 442k fans

Canon UK — — 53k fans

This is what the benchmark appears (using Agorapulse’s inbuilt Facebook benchmarking tool for competitors):

Nikon competitors

You can see that Nikon has a huge advantage in the number of fans and is adding 1,450 fans each day. A lot more than any other pages. The number of posts from fans is also awe-inspiring. However, engagement rates are significantly lower than other brands and more so that of Fujifilm.

I have primarily because Nikon isn’t publishing as frequently: 0.8 per day on average, while Fujifilm publishes three times more frequently.

Its size (over 2 million) could be an explanation.

However, if I were the community manager of Nikon, I’d undoubtedly visit the Fujifilm page to find out what kind of content they publish to get a high engagement. Canon UK may be worth looking into, too, since they publish 0.8 posts a day, on average, but they have more significance than the 12 times engagement.

What could they do to make improvements?

The site is doing an excellent job of using high-quality images and also promoting user-generated content from their fans; however, here are a few adjustments they could implement to gain an edge over their competitors:


Increase frequency of posts to at least every other day


Please use SMART URLs for Mobile users when they share links to their Facebook application.


Use the Facebook cover photo to inform users how they can get their photos considered for the month’s picture.


Create additional Facebook contests to draw leads


Make Facebook more efficient by optimizing its “About” section to include its URL in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


Please review the content strategies of their competition for inspiration

What are the most important lessons you can apply to your website?

After we’ve reviewed and deconstructed the primary ways Nikon encourages their followers to share their content, you can now take some essential steps to encourage your followers to join in and share their content.


Honor and reward users who share the content you post on your website


Share your most-loved content that fans have shared on the page.


Create Facebook contests that will encourage your users to submit their content as an entry (e.g., a photo contest)


Encourage your friends to share photos on your Facebook posts


Promote images shared by your followers from other social networks to the page Facebook (e.g., Instagram, Pinterest, or Flickr)

It is essential to remain in the same place when asking your followers to share their content on the page. If this isn’t the case, you’ll only see people sharing your content once, and engagement will decrease. Note:

It is possible to mix your content from competitions and themed posts. If you implement these methods to your website today, you can anticipate seeing more great content created by your users. Note:


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