Amazing 4 sites to load your website images faster.

Amazing 4 sites to load your website images faster.

Complete Guide on 4 Amazing sites that helps you to load your website images faster.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to 3 amazing sites to slow down your photos so that you can reduce your photos in just three whistles. 🙂

Slow down photos:

I published this article in the SEO tutorial category because one of the most important factors of a good site is to load fast and one of the important factors that affect the fast loading of the site is the volume of photos.

Because the video or audio that you put in is as dense as it is, it doesn’t matter and they don’t have a particular effect on the site loading late (because when your site comes up, the videos won’t load automatically) if the photos don’t have that feature and they have to come up with the site.

Reduce photo volume without quality loss:

It’s very, very important, too! If you don’t take pictures, it’s much better than stating a poor picture!

The poor quality photo shows that you don’t give time for your business at all and you look unprofessional in the customer’s eyes, and the problem is, if you want to bring down the quality of the photo with regular tools, that photo will be incompetent.

So what’s the solution?

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Use online sites to slow down:

It’s the best solution because if you want to open Photoshop for each photo and change its quality, it’s going to take real-time! As you know, Photoshop and software like that are heavy and make your work worse.

That’s why we say photo quality reduction sites are amazing! Because you can do it in three whistles without any hassle.

So why are sites better in photoshop?

  • More speed
  • Faster access
  • Or you may not have Photoshop at all.

These three little factors made this site very popular and more used, but there’s still an important point here! And that’s:

Not all photo quality reduction sites are good:

I tested more than 20 popular Google home sites and otherwise, and I tested 20 to 5 Google for 7 sites to compare whether there is any difference between them or not?!

To do this, I chose a 200-klubit photo and uploaded it to Saita to slow them down to see what the result would look like.

The results are generally summarized as:

  • Some sites were very low quality, but not the volume!
  • Some sites also reduced the quality and volume.
  • Some sites changed the quality a little bit and reduced the volume well.
  • And the last category, the most important one, didn’t reduce the quality and reduce the volume!

Three amazing sites sparing down photos:

These three sites I’m going to introduce to you are part of the first category and I’ll write them in order based on being better! Because it’s different between these and the first site has a lot more advantages than the second site that we’re going to get together now.

First site download images

The first site I want to introduce you to is the JPEG compressor site (click on its name to enter it), this site without dropping the quality of its volume even reducing it to 70 percent! I tested a few photos myself, normally between 30 and 70 percent, and that depends on your photo, for example, if your photo is flat and has a one-color background, it’s 70 percent compact.

In the whole of this site in the best and most standard way possible, the size of the images decreases and the most important good is that you can take all the images with any extension they have together and slow down!

The second site downloads photos

This site is two parts! I mean, unlike that site before, you could reduce the volume of each suffix. So this has created a site for each extension, which is two of them:

The logo of this site is in the form of 🐘 an elephant, and the other good one is that it has a part called pdf volume reduction! That is, you upload. 


To finish my review of these 10 tools to compress images, I will talk about two programs.

If you are one of those who use the Adobe environment, Photoshop has the option to optimize images that will go on a website. Specifically, you will find this functionality as “save for web” or “export for web” and allows you to choose the dimensions, quality, and format of the images. Go to Photoshop…

You just have to adjust the image according to your needs and download it, as you can see in this screenshot.


Finally, I want to talk about RIOT, a program that allows you to achieve a balance between the quality and size of the images.

This tool allows you to check the quality of the compressed version because its panel is divided into two parts: an area with the original image and another with the optimized image.

As for the formats, it allows the compression of files in web, GIF, and PNG, going through the change of size with six different algorithms… See Site:

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